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When do we debate versus judging another persons point

America land of free speech, you have the right to say anything as long as it is not hate speech. In this day and age people judge any speech that does not agree with them as being a hate speech even if there are not actually any hate speech trigger words in it.

While this has always been a problem, it seems the advance of social media has increase d the intolerance for other people's opinions. Every post must have a response, but heaven forbid that people would actually use facts and debate the topic. Too many times post response sink into a name calling match. No one wins these, you might feel better but what did you prove.

As someone who has been a life long learner I like to hear opinions that do not always align with mine. Why, because it makes me think, if I cannot defend my opinion with facts and get my point across, then it is my fault, not the person I am trying to convince. If you go back to debate class in school, sometimes you were the pro and some times the con. You needed to learn as much about the topic to be able one way or another.

Now it seems to me that many of the issues in society are partly overlooked. We tend to break off a small part of the issue and spend all of our time arguing about it, breaking into pro and con groups that name call which only divides us more. We need to step back, do some investigating on our own on the causes of the issue, there are always multiple causes, then we can go into a debate/discussion with ideas on how to solve an issue, not just argue about it. This not a new generation thing, not old versus young, or any other combination. The more we divide each other takes away from coming together to solve issues. You may not agree with me and that is your right, please keep any responses civil as this is an open forum and I want to keep it that way. Thank you for reading.

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