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What are we growing

Time change is upon us again. Spring is coming and more people will be out doors. Spring sports of softball, baseball, and soccer will have people going to practices and games. End of season tournaments in other sports. Life is getting busier for children and parents. Remember these are games and the kids are still learning, they have a coach. I have been to some tournaments where the parents rode their player the entire weekend, how is that fun for that player and the others on the team that have to witness it. Sports are to help people learn that hard work and dedication make you better, that good sportsmanship includes how to be gracious winner and a loser. Yes there are winners and losers in all aspects of life. The sooner you learn how to cope with a loss and the need to improve after the better you will become. Life lessons are learned from failing a few times. When there is a loss, you teach how to improve play not to destroy the morale of the player. As we begin the spring when everything is fresh and green, think of the plants. If you nourished them they grow strong, if you do not then they can become weak and struggle in life. Take the time in this busy world to be a nurturer.

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