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Ideal client part 2

I was going to be one and done with the ideal client topic, but then you are never done. Like many industries, insurance has different branches. Each of these branches has its own ideal client. Even in Property and Casualty each area of homeowners, auto, and toys (boats, RVs, motorcycles) can be broken down into ideal client sections. As I mentioned before I spent time as an analyst who liked doing research so as I write these articles I may be covering territory familiar to some of you, but not to others.

First, as a small business owner new to an industry where do you start to identify those clients? Everyone thinks that cold calls are the best way, a lot of work and frustration just to get someone to talk to you. Then they may not be the ideal. So is it leads from a service, well how many other groups have access to that set of names? Is it warm contacts with your various networking groups or social media? Could it be old fashioned face to face meetings either one on one or in a seminar setting? In truth, it will be a mixture of these as you get started, why because you need to get your name out there to start building your name recognition. As you get your first few clients encourage them to do 2 things, one does a review of your agency (Yelp and on your website) and two, refer some of their friends and family.

To find the ideal client you need to be the service or product they are looking for. How they find and remember you are as important as how you find them. Branding oneself is discussed in many industries so how do you differentiate yourself in a crowded industry like insurance. I offer value for a product and am in your community does not always help in the age of instant internet access. You must sell the added value that you know how the find the extra things in the insurance policies that the customer will need in the future. Too many times we look at exactly what we need at a specific moment and not what could happen.

I will have the occasional article on the ideal client for me, the hard part of writing these articles is deciding, if I find the ideal client, am I ready to be the ideal advisor for each of the categories. As my agency grows there will probably be category experts, but for now, as I am in the initial growth stage the load is on me.


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