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Ideal Client Part 1

An ideal client is an interesting question no matter what business or industry you are in. Starting a new business we met with a business consultant, who asked what does your company stand for and who is your ideal client. We help people with insurance so a short answer is someone who needs insurance, but that is not quite correct. An ideal client is someone who looks beyond the initial price to see if there is any added value in the product you sell. Price too many people is the first point, I understand that, but does a product at that price provide you the protection you need. Online quotes, provide a price for what you know to tell it. Having been an analyst in a previous life I know there is more information to be found out during a conversation/interview. You need to ask probing questions and then sit back and listen. This brings me to another point the consultant said, what makes your agency unique as compared to all of the other agencies out there. I cannot speak for the other agencies, what makes me unique in this is the same strength I had in my previous career. You need to piece together a strategy from the limited information provided by the client, prepare a proposal, and then be able to modify it once the client sees it. Why, because the client did not know what they did not know until they saw the first proposal. An ideal client sees the long-term value in any type of partnership where there is a collaborative effort to save money but provide the most value-adds for it.

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