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Are you a small business owner looking for coverage for your contracting, handyman, lawn care business?

Is your current coverage enough? Do you have the coverages you need?

We have different types of liability coverages available along with some excess coverage.

Your commercial vehicles can be covered from our auto coverages

Types of trades covered

Awning Installation, modification or repair of aluminum, metal, vinyl or canvas awnings and patio covers. Installations can be either freestanding or attached to a structure.

No installation of temporary tents or awnings

No installation of patio enclosures or carports


Boiler and Steam Installation, service and repair of power boiler systems, hot water heating systems and steam fitting operations, including fire-tube and water-tube steel power boilers and hot water heating low-pressure boilers.


Carpentry – Framing Framing and rough carpentry necessary to construct framed structures. Installation or repair of individual components of framing systems using metal or wood and any rough carpentry, including walls, floors, sub-flooring, siding, exterior staircases and railings, overhead doors, roof decking, truss members and sheathing. Incidental installation of structural steel is included.

Commercial only

No framing of structures more than 3 stories in height

Conditional Exclusion – Independent Contractors form is mandatory for this class

A limitation to Designated Classification is mandatory for this class


Carpentry – Finish Fabrication and installation of cabinets, cases, sashes, doors, trims, nonbearing partitions, wood flooring, and other interior wood items by cutting, surfacing, joining, gluing and fabricating wood, metal or other products to provide a functional surface.


Ceiling or Wall Installation, modification or repair of all types of suspended ceilings.  No electrical work of any kind


Concrete Forming, pouring, finishing and installation of specified mass, pavement, flat and other concrete work. Placement and setting of screeds for pavements or flatwork. Placement and erection of steel bars for the reinforcing of concrete.

No insureds whose work is primarily the application of concrete coatings or waterproofing.

No construction of roads or bridges.

No guniting or shotcete work.

No caisson, cofferdam, subway, tunnel or sewer work.

No swimming pool construction.

No foundation repair.


Debris Removal Clean-up and/or removal from building grounds or structures of any debris resultant from a construction project.

No demolition work of any kind

No dirt haul for hire


Drilling – (Water only) Installation and repair of water wells and pumps, including the necessary plumbing and electrical work necessary to install or service water wells.

No drilling for the purpose of extracting soil samples for environmental testing

No drilling in connection with oil wells

A limitation to Designated Classification form is mandatory for this class


Drywall Laying out and installation of gypsum wallboard and gypsum wallboard assemblies including nonstructural metal framing members. Taping and texturing operations including the application of compounds that adhere to wallboard to produce the desired surface.

No plastering or EIFS (Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems)


Electrical Placement, installation, connection and servicing of electrical wires, fixtures, and related apparatus. Work is allowed up to 480 volts.

No installation, construction or maintenance of power lines

No monitoring of alarm systems


Excavation Digging, moving and placing of the material forming the surface of the earth, other than water, to create cuts, fills, excavations, grading, trenches, or backfill.

No excavation exceeding 15 feet

No excavation for public streets, roads or highways

No tunneling, caisson, cofferdam, canal, pile driving, levee dike or dam work

No excavation in connection with swimming pool installation

No building demolition

A limitation to Designated Classification form is mandatory for this class 

Conditional Exclusion – Independent Contractors form is mandatory for this class


Fencing Construction, erection, alteration or repair of all types of fences, corrals, runs, railings, game court enclosures, backstops, posts, flagpoles, and gates.

No construction, installation or repair of masonry walls

No installation or repair of roadside guardrails

No installation or servicing of electrically charged fences


Floor Covering (No Tile or Stone) Installation, finishing and repairing of flooring and floor coverings of any surface including carpet, resilient sheet goods, resilient tile, wood floors, and flooring.

No installation of ceramic, terrazzo, tile, concrete or stone floor coverings (See Tile and Stone Installation classification)


Glazing (sales based) Selection, cutting, assembly and installation of all makes and kinds of glass, glass work, mirrored glass, and glass substitute materials. Includes the fabrication, glazing, and installation of frames, panels, sashes and doors and screens.

Commercial only

Premium is based on gross sales for this class

A limitation to Designated Classification form is mandatory for this class


Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC) Fabrication, installation, maintenance, servicing and repair of warm-air heating systems, water heating pumps, warm-air appliances, ventilating systems, air-conditioning systems, and the ducts, registers, flues, humidity, and thermostatic controls and air filters in connection with any of these systems. Includes systems which utilize solar or LPG as a source of energy.

No delivery or set-up of LPG tanks 500 gallons or greater Insulation Application or installation of acoustical or thermal insulating material in buildings or within building walls.


Landscaping Services Construction, maintenance, repair, installation of landscape systems for public and private gardens. Preparation and grading of plots and areas of land for the installation of trees, shrubs, flowers, and lawns. Lawn irrigation and sprinkler installation and repair work. Lawn care maintenance.

No tree pruning, trimming or removal which requires a ladder or other elevation device No construction or installation of decks, fountains, ponds or other water features

No retaining walls over 4 feet

The policy includes Lawn Care Services Coverage – for application of “over-the-counter” herbicides and pesticides

Snow removal - residential only; No bobcat or plow


Lawn Care Lawn and yard maintenance services only, such as mowing, fertilizing, edging, and removal of leaves and debris. Incidental lawn sprinkler repair is allowed.  No landscape installation or construction of any type

No tree pruning, trimming or removal which requires a ladder or other elevation device Policy includes Lawn Care Services Coverage – for “over-the-counter” herbicides and pesticides


Locksmiths (sales based) Installation, modification or repair of power and/or manually activated door and window locks with related hardware. Installation and repair of built-in safes and vaults.

Premium is based on gross sales


Low Voltage Systems Installation, servicing and maintenance of communications and low voltage systems not exceeding 91 volts. These systems may include: telephone, communications, entertainment, cable television, closed-circuit video, satellite dish antennas, instrumentation and temperature controls, alarm installation,=, and landscape lighting.

No monitoring of alarm systems


Masonry Fabrication and installation of masonry component units for structural load bearing and non-load bearing walls for structures and fences installed with or without mortar. Application of ceramic veneers (not tile), thin brick or stone for facing and paving. Waterproofing, cleaning, and caulking incidental to masonry construction.

No construction or repair of fireplaces or chimneys

No waterproofing of basements or foundations to prevent water intrusion


Metal Erection – Decorative Assembly, casting, cutting, shaping, stamping, forging, welding, fabrication, and installation of any metal for the architectural treatment and ornamental decoration of structures.

No sheet metal fabrication, modification or repair


Metal Products Installation of a) metal cabinets, lockers, modular storage structures, mail chutes, cable racks, and aluminum or vinyl storm doors and windows; b) metal wall or ceiling tiles, aluminum fascia covers and metal gutters; and c) aluminum studs and trusses, metal railings and turnstiles, welded-to-structure furniture, grills and cabinets.


Painting Surface preparation and application of paints, papers, textures, fabrics, pigments, oils, turpentines, driers, thinners, varnishes, shellacs, stains, fillers, waxes, adhesives, water and any other materials which adhere by evaporation and may be mixed, used and applied to the surfaces of walls and structures.

No painting of metal structures or bridges

No sandblasting

No contractors in the business of waterproofing basements or foundations to prevent water intrusion


Paperhanging Application of all types and varieties of decorative wall coverings, including paper and vinyl goods, cork, burlap, and carpet-type wall coverings.

No painting or paneling


Refrigeration Construction, fabrication, erection, installation, maintenance, servicing and repair of refrigerators, refrigerated rooms, and insulated refrigerated spaces, temperature insulation, air-conditioning units, ducts, blowers, registers, humidity and thermostatic controls for the control of air, liquid, and/or gas temperatures.


Renovation / Handyman Renovation, remodeling or repair of existing commercial and residential buildings.

No home building

No fireplace or chimney installation/repair

No renovation or repair of mobile homes

No foundation repair

No window repair or replacement except as part of an overall renovation

Roofing as part of an overall renovation must be subcontracted

A limitation to Designated Classification form is mandatory for this class

Conditional Exclusion – Independent Contractors form is mandatory for this class


Septic Systems Installation, servicing, repair and cleaning of septic systems.

No septic system work on recreational vehicles


Sheet Metal Fabrication and installation of sheet metal such as cornices, flashings, gutters, leaders, pans, kitchen equipment, and ductwork.

No fabrication and/or installation of metal roofing systems, chimney flues or fireplace systems


Sign Installation Fabrication, installation, erection, and repair or modification of non-electrical and electrical signs, including the wiring.


Sign Installation – Non-Electrical Fabrication, installation, and repair or modification of all types of non-electrical signs.


Solar Installation, modification, maintenance, and repair of thermal and photovoltaic solar energy systems.


Swimming Pool Maintenance Maintenance of swimming pools, hot tubs, and spas, or fountains.

No pool installation or repair work.

A limitation to Designated Classification form is mandatory for this class


Tile and Stone Installation Installation of a glazed wall, ceramic, mosaic, quarry, paver, faience, glass mosaic and stone tiles, faux brick, natural or simulated stone slabs for bathtubs, showers and horizontal surfaces inside of buildings.

No structural installation of masonry or glass block or structural partition tile

No swimming pool or spa work


Vacuum Systems Installation, modification, maintenance or repair of central vacuum systems, pneumatic tube dispatching systems, or any other type of pipeline which operates systems of reduced pressure for any purpose.


Water Conditioning Installation of water conditioning equipment with the use of only such pipe and fittings as are necessary to connect the water conditioning equipment to the water supply system. The sale of water softening chemicals and water softening equipment, but only if the equipment is installed by the insured.


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